All natural. Kid, pet, and bee friendly

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All natural. Kid, pet, and bee friendly

Safe for kids,
not safe for weeds

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Bad Ass Weed Killer

Works great on cement surfaces.

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Bad Ass Weed Killer


All Natural Weed Killer
All Natural Weed Control
Ready to use spray

For Sidewalks, Pavers,
Driveways, Walkways
and Gravel Beds


Bee Friendly –
Will not harm bees

Child Safe
Pet Friendly

Eco Friendly

BAD ASS ALL NATURAL WEED KILLER is the Big Daddy of weed killers.

We hate weeds. Really hate them. We want them dead. Really dead. Fast!

Bad Ass Weed Killer was specifically designed for those pesky, smaller weeds that grow through the cracks. Bad Ass Weed Killer starts killing young weeds immediately and usually occurs within hours when applied as directed. For older, tougher weeds, up to 24 hours.
Kills most common weeds including dandelions, broadleaf, grass and moss. Please see the Directions For Use.

Our ingredients are ALL NATURAL and safe for children and pets! Will use no chemicals or harsh natural or organiic ingredients that are found in other natural or organic products. Bad Ass Weed Killer is the safer choice on the market. Bad Ass Weed Killer is so safe, we encourage you to compare our warning label to other products on the market. Wil not contaminate ground water and is safe to use near rivers, streams and ponds. We formulated our products so no harm is done to the environment and wildlife we care about.

Be a Bad Ass and put the smackdown on weeds!

Choose Your Weapon

Directions for use

SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE. Spray weeds directly until thoroughly coated to the point of runoff. Apply spray when temperatures are above 73 degrees in full sun for maximum effectiveness when no rain is forecast for 24 hours. Do not water for 24 hours after application. Works best on young, emerging weeds. Tougher, older weeds may require repeat applications.

Where to use:

Sidewalks, patios, driveways, pavers, walkways, and gravel beds. This product is non selective, hose off overspray if drifting occurs. Not for use on lawns, will kill grass. Not for use on poison ivy, woody plants or vines. Will not stain surfaces. In some instances, a slight film may appear when dry. Wait 24 hours before rinsing off with water or just wait for the next rain.

When to use:

Late Spring – Early Fall in cold climates, year round in southern and western states.
For best results, apply in full sun when temperature is above 73 degrees.

Tips for use:

  • For maximum effectiveness, apply when temperatures are above 73 degrees. Cooler temperatures may delay results.
  • For weeds over 7″, cut back, then spray.
  • Tougher, older weeds or weeds with fuzzy leaves may require repeat application. Works best on young, emerging weeds.
Will not kill poison ivy, vines or weeds with woody stems.
  • Apply to point of runoff.
  • Apply spray in full sun for maximum effectiveness when no rain is forecasted for 24 hours.
  • Product is non selective. If overspray occurs, rinse or hose off with water.

See our all natural, super effective weed killer in action

6-hour timelapse

6-hour timelapse

24-hour time lapse

24-hour time lapse

What Our Customers Say

“I have a huge lawn and garden and I don’t like using products to kill weeds that uses harsh chemicals, but the all natural products I have tried just don’t seem to work. I then discovered Bad Ass Weed Killer, it’s all natural, safe around kids and pets and it kills weed better than any other product I have used.”
Ken H.
“I love keeping my lawn looking it’s best, weeds seem to pop up every year, but the problem is that I have kids and dogs that are always playing in the yard so I have to be careful what weed killers I use. A friend suggested I try Bad Ass Weed Killer, it’s all natural so it’s safe around kids and pets and what a great job it does killing weeds.”
John D.
“When it comes to my lawn and garden, I always want it looking it’s best, but stubborn, hard to kill and often returning weeds are a big problem. While reviewing some products, I came upon Bad Ass Weed Killer so I decided to give it a try. Not only did it kill all types of weeds, they didn’t come back that season, plus it’s all natural.”
Alan B.
“Started using Bad Ass Weed Killer on the recommendation of a friend and it has worked ass well, if not even better than promised at killing weeds, plus I love that it’s all natural so it’s safe for kids and pets.”
Charles S.
We were tired of scraping our hands and knuckles trying to pull weeds out of our sidewalk, driveway and patio only to have them break off leaving the roots behind. We are also concerned with the fact that agricultural runoff is the number one polluter of streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands and one of the leading causes of ocean pollution. We did not want to use a chemical weed killer that would find its way into our water system. We went to all the big box stores and searched online for a safe alternative. We were shocked at the lengthy list of warnings on the labels of all natural and organic weed killers. Many had warnings as extensive as chemical weed killers!
There was NO WAY we were going to let a child or pet be exposed to them or let them find their way into our water system. We were determined to come up with a safe formula that works and BAD ASS ALL NATURAL WEED KILLER was born. For those of us concerned with the safety of our children and pets and the amount of chemicals being used today that are polluting our water and land, we urge you to check out the warning labels on other all natural or organic weed killers and compare them to ours. BAD ASS ALL NATURAL WEED KILLER is your safer choice for our environment, children and pets.