About us

About Us

How we got started

We were tired of scraping our hands and knuckles trying to pull weeds out of our sidewalk, driveway and patio only to have them break off leaving the roots behind. We were also concerned with the fact that agricultural runoff is the number one polluter of streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands and one of the leading causes of ocean pollution. We did not want to use a chemical weed killer that would find its way into our water system. We went to all the big box stores and searched online for a safe alternative. We were shocked at the lengthy list of warnings on the labels of all natural and organic weed killers. Many had warnings as extensive as chemical weed killers! There was NO WAY we were going to let a child or pet be exposed to them or let them find their way into our water system.
Organic Weed Killer
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We were determined to come up with a safe formula that works and BAD ASS ALL NATURAL WEED KILLER was born. For those of us concerned with the safety of our children and pets and the amount of chemicals being used today that are polluting our water and land, we urge you to check out the warning labels on other all natural or organic weed killers and compare them to ours. BAD ASS ALL NATURAL WEED KILLER is your best choice for our environment, children and pets.